Thursday, May 19

he chose the cello

"I think he must have been in sixth grade when he got the chance to play in an orchestra for the first time. They asked him what he'd like to play. He chose the cello, and they lent him one. I still have a photo of that moment - its priceless..."

Mary GuibertJeff Buckley: Remembered (Fall in Light) Documentary

play the one that sounds like raindrops

"Whenever I would play, the boys would come and be in the room where the piano was. They liked it; they would ask for songs. After I was done and I was getting ready to get up from the piano, they'd say, "No, Mommy, stay! Play another one!" And usually it was Scottie, or Jeff who said, "Oh, play the one that sounds like raindrops," or "Play the waltz, Mommy," or... something that he liked about it, he would give it a special name, whether it was really Beethoven or Rachmaninoff or someone else."
Mary Guibert
Jeff Buckley: Remembered (Fall in Light) Documentary

Sunday, May 8

i'll be living in these for the summer

friday night i tie dyed some of my favorite white tops. i haven't tie dyed in years and i really don't know many techniques... but i'm pretty satisfied with how they turned out. i think i'll let them sit for another day, so they'll stay nice and colorful before i have to rinse them out!
i'm officially on summer and i can't wait to wear these tops on whatever summer adventures i get to do.

Wednesday, May 4

i'm just a river that rolled forever/and never got to the sea

“what’s the point in destroying something if there isn’t any personal investment…i appreciate destruction for it’s own sake. pushing through to the point of no return. breaking with the past. and if it can be done in a spectacular fashion, so much the better”

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