Tuesday, April 26

Van Gogh: A Self-Portrait; Letters Revealing His Life as a Painter

page 162
I so hope everything will come out right, but her future as well as my own looks gloomy. I am inclined to believe there is some latent good in her still, but the trouble is, it ought to have been roused already. Now, as she has nobody to rely on it will be more difficuly for her to follow her good impulses.

page 170
I shall find things to paint everywhere. It is spelendid here, and I think I learn to paint somewhat better while painting. And my heart is in it, I need not tell you that.

page 172
One's real life begins at thirty, infact, that is to say, it's most active part.

page 174
Zola says, "Moi artiste, je veux vivre tout haut-veux vivre" [I, as an artist, want to live as vigorously as possible-want to live]

How fundamentally wrong is the man who doesn't feel himself small, who doesn't realize he is but an atom.

What shall I do now? The common phrase is, "What is your aim, what are your aspirations?" Oh, I shall do as I think best - how? I can't say that before hand - you who ask me that pretentious question, do you know what YOUR aim is, what YOUR intentions are?

page 175
Now they tell me, "You are unprincipled when you have no aim, no aspirations." My answer is, I didn't tell you I had no aim, no aspirations, I said it is the height of coneceit to try to force one to define what is indefinable.
These are my thoughts about certain questions. All that arguing about it is one of the things of which I say "embĂȘtera"

Saturday, April 23

be the kind of person who is naturally powerful, positive, open to the highest degree

In order to live my ideal life:
Solutions Visions 
Non-Evasion and Pro-confrontation – ORIGIN ALITY - 
As far as conducting the total awareness life in which you plug into "Now" and constantly push ahead, constantly develop and grow. The thing is that I want it all next week, right now, this millisecond. The leader, the instigator, the creator, the cold origination. 
Life should sparkle and rush, burn with fire, hot melting steel, like freeze-burn from a comet. 
I know that if I was around someone who was REAL and very PHYSICAL and RECOGNIZED about, I would probably verge on envy and I'd be too repressed for fear of fucking up in front of this serious person – intimidated. Don't be! 
Be seriously involved with growing, with true development, and never fear. 
Be the kind of person who is naturally powerful, positive, ingenius, open to the highest degree, but with no interest in coercion or pressure or power over other people. 
That kind of power is hollow. It contains nothing and brings you nothing in the long run. 

Jeff Buckley

Thursday, April 14


good site for downloads of: The Doors, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zeppelin

i'm in love

Wednesday, April 13

there's a lot of strength to the self-destructive soul

The kind of people whose songs you've covered from Leonard Cohen to Alex Chilton to Nina Simone are people who have a very fragile muse to them. They are people whose personalities have often been destroyed by their art.

I think that fragility isn't quite as accurate as sympathy, which takes a huge pain threshold. Some people are just born into bodies, born into lifespans that just don't fit anywhere else and they have very little to hang onto to validate and also it's a very lonely thing to notice a certain sense of life and be able to relate that to anyone. It's probably the onset of madness, or it must seem so to the person who has it at the time, who sees the world in a certain way and it usually has a lot of real meaning. Maybe they see spirits everywhere or maybe they divine information from certain happenings and certain peoples that are invisible to most of us, and as a result people deem those experiences not valid and not important, and crazy too, and that can damage a person. Those characters you named have a lot of strength to them even though...There's a lot of strength to the self-destructive soul. Not that it's wise to be self-destructive, but it is wise.

Jeff Buckley

Sunday, April 10

jeff buckley movie confirmed!!

FINALLY, the jeff buckley movie is officially announced!
it's so exciting!
and guess what, i'm planning my memphis trip! may 27th, paying my respects at the wolf river.


Monday, April 4

whatever happens...

Life is too damn short and fucked up to go through it silently loving someone and never telling them how you feel. Fuck the consequences, fuck the implications of the actions, to hell with it all… whatever happens as a result is better than the nothingness that is inevitable with silence
- janis joplin
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