Monday, October 8

photography was a massive intervention into our knowledge, our consciousness

You get so used to photos, you think, I know that guy, but it's not true... You know the world of the photos, but not the world they photographed. I can't remember it. The photos create a world, but I don't know what's happening outside the frame.

Gerhard Richter, Gerhard Richter Painting

Thursday, October 4

you have to be really practical about what you want to do

"I’m pro-education. I think it is a great privilege to stop for a period of your life and just walk into the halls of a place and allow yourself to be a sharer and collaborator. I mean it’s a great opportunity, but I don’t think we should fool ourselves that just because we’ve been given an education, it means we’re educated. Just because they have a degree doesn’t mean they’re pedigreed!"

"My whole thing is if you’re not in your truth, doing what you want to do, you’re going to be really fucking let down, even if you have PhD after your name, or 90210 at the end of your address, or whateves!"
Kelly Cutrone 
lessons from the queen of PR.  columbia spectator
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