Tuesday, November 20

91 N Rembert St Memphis


Last year I made it a point to be in Memphis on the anniversary of Jeff's death, a fan pilgrimage of sorts. This year I was driving through and by chance was there at the same time. These are some pictures I took of his house on Rembert St. No one lives there so I went around back and took a look through the windows. I wonder what the neighbors think haha!

Thursday, November 1

the big house, macon

This summer I went to The Big House in Macon, Georgia. Pretty much heaven for any Allman Bros fan. It was absolutely lovely. We were the only people there, just a few of the workers/volunteers getting ready for Gregg's book signing the next day. I took my time looking and reading everything and I really loved all the handwritten lyrics. My favorite room was "casbah lounge" upstairs with big windows with a six head shower, cushions, hookahs, record player, etc. I could just imagine spending a rainy day in their, listening to music and never leaving. After that we went to H&H diner which was the bands favorite place and had some collard greens and okra... not many vegan options! hah but cool atmosphere! I definitely could go back to the chitlin circuit. Good vibes around there.

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