Wednesday, September 29

sums up my view on life.

If your going through some shit in your life chances are somebody else has gone through the same thing before ya. And they've written about it. Some poet or philosopher has been through the same type of crap, and they've written about it. And when you find that poem or piece of writing. You think bloody hell this bastard has just summed it all up. It's kinda comforting. Know what I mean?

Tuesday, September 28

You want him to be a little skeptical about the whole enterprise

Here’s what I love about Dylan: He was exactly as you’d expect he would be. He wouldn’t come to the rehearsal; usually, all these guys are practicing before the set in the evening. He didn’t want to take a picture with me; usually all the talent is dying to take a picture with me and Michelle before the show, but he didn’t show up to that. He came in and played “The Times They Are A-Changin’.” A beautiful rendition. The guy is so steeped in this stuff that he can just come up with some new arrangement, and the song sounds completely different. Finishes the song, steps off the stage… comes up, shakes my hand, sort of tips his head, gives me just a little grin, and then leaves… That was our only interaction with him. And I thought: That’s how you want Bob Dylan, right? You don’t want him to be all cheesin’ and grinnin’ with you. You want him to be a little skeptical about the whole enterprise.
President Obama on Bob Dylan and his performance at a civil rights celebration - February ‘10

Monday, September 27

it's like film

Whatever’s inside me making me what I am, it’s like film. Film only works in the dark. Tear it all open and let in the light and you’ll kill it.

Sunday, September 26

his name was james byron dean

“one man’s recollection, an image of the actor as seen through the eyes of a friend. like all memories it is intensely personal, illusive, and incomplete- yet it refuses to die

I've been reading and watching alot of things on James Dean lately. I really like this film by one of Jimmy's best friends.  There are so many great parts but my favorite is The Little Prince scene (starts at 42:50). His temperament and personality reminds of what I think Jeff Buckley might have been like too.
 insanely creative and divinely talented....and taken too soon.

Friday, September 24

when all else fails, we can whip the horses eyes, and make them sleep

My relationship to reality has been so utterly skewed for so long that I don’t even notice it any more. It’s just my reality.
ethan hawke

Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.
salvador da

Thursday, September 23

be awake enough to see where you are

I have no advice for anybody; except to, you know, be awake enough to see where you are at any given time, and how that is beautiful, and has poetry inside. Even places you hate.
jeff buckley

Wednesday, September 22

i just want to have a good time before i die

letter to elaine buckley. 1992. rock and roll hall of fame, cleveland, ohio

rolling stone. 1994
unpublished journal entry. 1995

Tuesday, September 21

i adore her as a singer, as an actress and as a woman

She is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, reading every biography she can get her hands on. One of her treasured possessions is a small metal heart that used to belong to Monroe, a gift from Depp. Some Like It Hot was her favourite film at the age of five or six. She watched it over and over again at her home in a smart Parisian suburb. “Marilyn Monroe has touched me ever since,” she explains. “I adore her as a singer, as an actress and as a woman. She moves me an awful lot. There’s something divine in her. I get emotional whenever I watch her or listen to her.”
The Sunday Times - January 2010

Monday, September 20

the addiction- it's yet another vampire movie

Did you see The Addiction, the new film from Abel Ferrara? No? It's yet another vampire movie, but it's vampirism as an allegory for the Nazis and also for high society. [Laughs] The theme or the motif is that people are victimised by vampires only because they don't resist evil. Time and time again in the movie the evil one comes up to the victim and says “I just want you to tell me to go away like you really mean it.” And they always say, “Please, please don't hurt me,” and that's when they get their necks chopped off. You've gotta see it. It's really great.

Friday, September 17

never too late

It’s never too late to heal yourself. And if you heal yourself, then the bad things that happen aren’t so bad.

Sunday, September 12

baby you never know when you're doing your last set

excerpts from Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend By Stephen Davis

Wednesday, September 8

and never was there an answer, there an answer Not without listening, without seeing

I'm sure we all get very high faluten ideas about how much it's changed the world. Certainly, in early 60s. I don't know what you wanna describe as Rock 'n' Roll, but I certainly thought that 60s stuff, Bob Dylan and the Beatles, changed the world a little bit. But the effect seems to have retreated. I think it's harder than we think to change the world. These things go in cycles. It doesn't seem to have done an awful lot of good, does it? You know, all the talk of racial harmony and equality in the world...we haven't got a long way since the 60s.

Monday, September 6

4th time around/norwegian wood

I asked him about it-I said, it sounds so much like Norwegian Wood, and he said, 'Well actually, Norwegian Wood sounds alot like this! I'm afraid they took it from me, and I feel that I have to, y'know, record it.' Evidently, he'd played it for them, and they'd nicked it! I said, 'Aren't you worried about getting sued by The Beatles?' and he said 'They can't sue me!'-----and indeed, they didn't.

Al Kooper - Classic Bob Dylan 1962-69

Sunday, September 5

He was consciously doing 'Greek God,' yes he was.

"Jim Morrison was conscious of everything. For that classic photo of Jim, the 'Young Lion,' he was gonna out-Jean Shrimpton Jean Shrimpton. Boy, that hair was nice. And the pose he struck was amazing. You saw Jim in person and think he's a handsome guy — strong cheekbones and jawbone. But you never thought of him as pretty as he was in those photos. How handsome was Dionysus in the ancient Grecian days? That was one beautiful young man. And Jim Morrison, being a personification of the Dionysian impulse, was also that beautiful young man. The only thing he lacked was grapevines and a leopard skin. He was consciously doing 'Greek God,' yes he was."

Thursday, September 2

You can reach a trance-like state where what's really going on inside the human psyche is being sung to

It's just about being alive, my songs. And about even emitting sound. It's about the voice carrying much more information than the words do. The fact is, there are so many other areas you can go with other instruments going on at the same time. You can reach a trance-like state where what's really going on inside the human psyche is being sung to... the music aims at what's really going on underneath... not what people pretend to be or what they hope they can buy at a store. The little scared kid or the full-on romantic lover is being accessed. There are really majestic qualities about people that can be reached through music. People are incredible to me even though I'm healthily cynical sometimes. It's because we are spirits and the whole tension is that we don't know that we are. Yet, music is able to touch this.

Wednesday, September 1

that lick was in Like a Rolling Stone

Bob writes a song and says, ‘I want it done this way’ and ‘Let’s try a little bit of it like this.’ We might try it in three, four, five different keys. One time he looked at me when I hit a lick. After we [cut] it, he said, “We gotta do it over– that lick was in Like A Rolling Stone.’ I said, ‘Yeah, that’s where I got it from.’

Texas keyboard player Augie Meyers,
on working on Bob Dylan’s “Time Out Of Mind” sessions.

a place that is cold sober when my body is stumbling drunk

There is this place deep inside where I feel I am connected to everything, not just trees and grass and dogs but buildings and staircases, rocks and sidewalks. It's a deathly quiet place that I guess I've never shared with anyone and probably couldn't, a place that is cold sober when my body is stumbling drunk, another consciousness that sits still like an antenna in tune with some other part of the galaxy.
Ash Wednesday by Ethan Hawke

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