Thursday, September 13

time coats the ordinary with gold

"Was she still as pretty as I remembered? Is anyone? How memories lie to us. How time coats the ordinary with gold. How it breaks the heart to go back and attempt to relive them. How crushed we are when we discover that the gold was merely gold plating thinly coated over lead, chalk, and peeling paint."
Henry Rollins

Sunday, September 9

no point whining about it

Câline: Just imagine you're walking along and you get hit by a bicycle. You're injured. All you can do is wait for your injuries to heal. No point whining about it.

Nicolas: Aren't you a little angry at the cyclist?

Câline: What for? It won't make your injuries heal quicker. It wasn't the cyclist's fault. He didn't do it on purpose.

Nicolas: True. But some might blame him for not being careful enough.

Câline: But it takes experience to be careful. You can't blame someone from lacking experience.

Nicolas: That's exactly right. That's very well said.
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