Monday, March 8

jeff buckley music collection

it's my personal mission to get every jeff buckley recording possible. thanks to zamzar and audio hijack i've collected alot already. is an excellent jeff site. i love it. their ''mojo radio'' had lots of songs i couldn't find anywhere else.
there was this other site that had a media player with lots of his music but now i can't find it.
right now i have about 10 versions of most eternal life, mojo pin, lover you should have come over, etc. but honestly, each version is distinctly different from all the others. it's amazing. i can't even imagine what it would be like to witness his performance live. unbelievable.
for some reason i always give myself ultimatums, maybe to figure how much i like something. but if i could only listen to one musicians work for the rest of my life it would be jeff buckley.


Kirby said...

I love Jeff so much. I was actually able to see him live, I was only about 6 but thankfully my mom is a huge fan and took me along with her!

... said...

you should try to enter to Radiohub and ask, download DC++ and enter.

I would have to download some Radiohead stuff as well :P

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