Sunday, September 5

He was consciously doing 'Greek God,' yes he was.

"Jim Morrison was conscious of everything. For that classic photo of Jim, the 'Young Lion,' he was gonna out-Jean Shrimpton Jean Shrimpton. Boy, that hair was nice. And the pose he struck was amazing. You saw Jim in person and think he's a handsome guy — strong cheekbones and jawbone. But you never thought of him as pretty as he was in those photos. How handsome was Dionysus in the ancient Grecian days? That was one beautiful young man. And Jim Morrison, being a personification of the Dionysian impulse, was also that beautiful young man. The only thing he lacked was grapevines and a leopard skin. He was consciously doing 'Greek God,' yes he was."

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Anonymous said...

This is the true story of one of the greatest mysteries in rock music! Enjoy!

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