Tuesday, February 8

I'm doing songs I love, trying to work something out for myself.

"I'm just trying to slip into other skins. I'm doing songs I love, trying to work something out for myself. When I did The Way Young Lovers Do I was thinking of Van scatting. I just do them and try to forget them. They can be embarrassing. One reviewer hates what I did to that song. I just tried to bring myself to Van's style and stretch it."
Jeff Buckley

I can remember the first time I heard Jeff's cover of The Way Young Lovers Do. There's many different versions, and they're all different and good. But the first one I heard is my favorite. My dad put it on my ipod and I was falling asleep with it on shuffle and it came on, and I don't know if you know what I'm talking about, but I was in this weird state where I thought I was asleep but my mind was paying 1000% attention to the music and it just sounded so good! Like being high or something. I can't find that version right now and my ipod is long gone. 
If I were introducing someone to Jeff Buckley it would be with this song. It really shows what a creative and beautiful vocalist he is.

I adore Etta James' cover of The Eagles song Take It To The Limit. I like the style of this even better than the original, and I just imagine what Jeff's version would sound like with just his guitar... shame.

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