Tuesday, November 20

91 N Rembert St Memphis


Last year I made it a point to be in Memphis on the anniversary of Jeff's death, a fan pilgrimage of sorts. This year I was driving through and by chance was there at the same time. These are some pictures I took of his house on Rembert St. No one lives there so I went around back and took a look through the windows. I wonder what the neighbors think haha!


Cat said...

Just wanted to leave a note and thank you for all the Jeff Buckley posts. I'm a recent convert, doing the internet trolling thing and I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks.

Cat said...

I was happy to see your reply on my blog today. Did you find my Jeff Buckley post? If not, here's a link: http://retiredcathi.blogspot.com/2013/12/jeff-buckley.html.

I have a question about your trip to Memphis if you don't mind -- can you tell me what year you went? I was sad to see that the house is empty and not being cared for. I wonder if it's for sale....might be nice to restore.

Cat said...

Yeah, hardcore fan indeed. I sure became one in a heck of a hurry. I like the idea of the "guide" actually. If for no other reason than the preservation of the information. I have to admit, the house in Memphis fascinates me if only because I think it's so sad that it's empty and slowly decaying. Just doesn't seem right somehow. I did some research and did find the (outdated) rental notice you mentioned, but found no mention of it being for sale or in foreclosure since then. I'm doing a little research now through the Shelby County Property Assessor's Office so maybe that will turn up some information on owner/status/etc. Anyway, if I find out anything I'll pass it on.

Cat said...

Got my answer.....property sold by Patricia O'Brien on Jan 9, 2013 for $19,000 to one Susan Sherwood Sullivan of Memphis. The parcel of land the house sits on is listed as 93 N. Rembert in the tax rolls, different from the commonly accepted house number of 91, apparently. Took me a little messing with their map and comparing it with Google streetview to figure it out. Lord knows why, but for $19,000 I'd have strongly considered buying it myself, though what I would have done after that is a mystery.

Here's links to the parcel ID and deed, FYI:



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