Monday, June 24

jim morrison | poetry | as i look back

As I look back
   over my life
   I am struck by post
Ruined Snap shots

   faded posters
Of a time, I can't recall

I am a Scot, or so
I'm told. Really
the heir of Mystery

Snake in the Glen

The child of a
   Military family...

I rebelled against church
   after phases of

I curried favor in school
   & attack'd the teachers

      I was given a
      desk in the corner

      I was a fool
      The smartest kid
         in class

Walks in D.C. in
         Negro streets. The library
         & book stores. Orange
         brick in warm sun.
         The books & poets magic

Then sex gives greater stimulation
Than you've ever known &
all peace & books lose their
charm & you are thrown
back on the eye of vision

History of Rock
   coinciding w/ my

Came to LA to
   Film School

Venice Summer

Drug Visions

Roof top songs

early struggles &

Thanks to the girls
who fed me.

Making Records

Elvis had sex-wise
mature voice at 19.

Mine still retains the
nasal whine of a
repressed adolescent
   minor squeaks & furies
An interesting singer
at best - a scream
or a sick croon. Nothing

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Loulou said...

this post, my dear, is amazing. thank you

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