Saturday, October 24

Joan Wasser

she was the long time girl friend of jeff buckley. that's how i first hear about her. i really like her music.. Joan as Police Woman
"I figured if something terrified me that much I had to figure out why. That's my personality, learning how to sing was really my way of growing up, learning how to be more happy, which included a lot of learning how to respect myself and others. All that stuff sounds really staid but it's actually really sexy."

"I couldn't do what I'm doing now at any other time in my life, I go into any initial meetings with people with a very clear idea of who I am and the fact that I will do things that make me comfortable and I won't do things that won't make me comfortable … When you're very clear from the beginning, you run into very little opposition."

"Honestly, I was going through some hard times. Writing songs actually kept me focused and sane. I think part of my survival mechanism kicked in. Strife can really create an extra ability to make art, in my experience. Too much comfort can, at times, create sloth. I think, more than this, I love working. There are only so many days in one’s life!"

"For me, creating a place to house those emotions has helped me better understand how loss affects me and to ultimately find more joy. It’s not like the knowledge of one's loss is ever gone, it’s just placed somewhere else, so one can live a normal life. Expressing my feelings about it in the most beautiful way I know how helps me remember that it’s not as desperate of an experience as it might seem if it had just remained untouched and smoldering in my
 body and mind. Singing about it reminds me that I am not unique, that everyone experiences the same general troubles, and this is where I feel the most thankful that we have the power of communication. As time passes, it reminds me of the honest feelings I had at that time. If I didn’t have the songs, I know I would re-negotiate my memories and decided that I felt a way that I really didn’t. I don’t know if it’s possible to remember honestly how bad/hurt/abandoned/angry/depressed you feel. I think it’s hardwired into humans to remember a lighter experience, so that there’s some momentum to go on. Music is such a good meter for knowing that feelings can change, things get better, life truly does go on. " 

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