Wednesday, November 11

"i find i poet i like and then read what they like"

michelle williams. collection of quotes from various interviews things that she likes, reads, prep work for roles etc.

holly (me without you): Proust, Beaudelaire and Sylvia Plath

"The Clash. The Stranglers. There's a song on the soundtrack that I've been listening to a lot, the Wreckless Eric song (called "Whole Wide World").

Notes from the Underground, Herman Hesse, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Ayn Rand.

two Irish authors -- Dermot Healy and Martin McDonagh -- that Williams has devoured. She also recently read the biography of poet & playwright Edna St. Vincent Millay, "which was cool because I was in New York,"

"I've been reading things on the subway on the way to work, things like short stories. Have you gotten into the 'Best American' series? There's this one that's so good -- "The Bone Garden of Desire" by Charles Bowden. I've been re-reading that. It's so good! It's my favorite short story."

wendy and lucy: “Train Choir,” by co-scripter Jon Raymond

Philip Roth: "I like American Pastoral the best, but Sabbath's Theater did my head in." (Says the artist Dan Estabrook, a dear old friend, "Her time on Dawson's Creek was marked by reading and reading and reading—she was always recommending books to bartenders.") Nowadays "I read poetry. I find a poet I like and then read the poets they like." Hence Galway Kinnell and Mary Oliver and Frank O'Hara. She is a huge fan, musically, of Leonard Cohen and of Antony and the Johnsons. 

Reichardt's next movie, which is set on the Oregon Trail in pioneer times, she is plowing through a bedside stack of tomes about the American frontier.

volume of Doris Lessing in Matilda's playroom

Rebecca Solnit's elegant meditation on loss and its possibilities, A Field Guide to Getting Lost. 

 Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking. 

Probably my house. Is that an extravagance? I used to collect rare books. My prized book is a really beautiful unbound Shakespeare, which never made it to the publishers. I used to buy them to commemorate a job but I haven’t done it in a while.

I have a penchant for Victorian jewelery now so I'm always on eBay. I've had to cool down because it got out of hand. I was setting my alarm for three in the morning to bid.

[I like doing photoshoots too.] My life is so plain in a way, and babycentric, I dress in that harried, hurried mom style. I wanted to look girlish, to play-act and tap dance. [Fashion] wasn't something I thought about for a long time. Then I thought about it too much. It's complicated, because if you can put the ugliness of vanity aside, dressing up is self-expression in its purest form.

[I do] bookbinding, calligraphy, embroidery. I want to do something painstaking and time consuming. Something logical with a certain outcome to it.

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