Wednesday, November 18

I'm just soaking it all in -jim morrison

 Um... I think that phrase is the most horrible phrase in the English language  "I DON'T KNOW" ...It's terribly embarrassing.

They hate us because we're so good...

I'm not what you'd call a music buff.
Do you read a lot?
Nope, I don't read very much either. I used to ... and then I ... Life got so interesting that I didn't need to anymore.

Mmm, Do you write a lot?
Nope. I don't. 
I don't do much of anything, really. But I will, don't worry. I'll get back... in the saddle, you know. I've just been kind of lazy lately. It's a period, it's cycles of non-productiveness and then intense periods of creativity. So right now I'm just soaking it all in.

What place do albums have as art forms to you?
believe they've replaced books. Really. Books and movies. They're better than movies, 'cause a movie you see once or twice, then later on television maybe. But a fucking album man, it's more influential than any art form going. Everybody digs them. They've got about 40 of them in their houses and some of them you listen to 50 times, like the Stones' albums or Dylan's.
You don't listen to the Beatles much anymore, but there are certain albums that just go on and on. You measure your progress mentally by your records, like when you were really young what you had then, Harry Belafonte, you know, Calypso, Fats Domino, Elvis Presley.

The mentality of the writer is like the 'psychology' of the voyeur. Journalists never seem to speak about themselves like other people do. They absorb like a sponge and never really discuss their own psyche. I think that. . .like. . .I think art, which is like beauty, is the revelation of beauty, beauty is an absolute, you dig? And I think it's rooted in a disinterested perception of the real world. Striking an evenness, a balance between object and receiver, like revealing the world with no connotation at all. None, no bullshit.
He who laughs last, laughs his ass off.
I like chicks in Levis. My taste is like whoever approaches me, I think it's groovy

Maybe collectively. . .a crowd together really has no mind. Individually everybody does. They all have bitchin' minds. Like, I bet there's more philosophy in some 16 year old chick's mind than you ever dreamed of in your whole cigarette. Some of those letters to those fan magazines are really lonely and deep and open. Some of them are bullshit. I don't read many, but some that I've read really knocked me out. Really open, sincere. Anyway, you got to learn to hold your tongue. Can you remember that?

If I had it to do over again, I think I would have... gone more for the quiet
undemonstrative little artist plodding away in his own garden trip.

 Anybody can talk, but how many cats can play music and sing?
quotes from the interviews with circus magazine, the village voice, and the los angeles free press

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Lovely Leti said...

Nice blog, girl! Ohhh Jim, a boy missed so much! Hot and talented like just a few! Peace!

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