Friday, April 2

april 4 1979

When anything is blocking my head or there’s worry in my life, I just go sit on Mars or something and look back here at Earth. All you can see is this tiny speck. 

You don’t see the fear. 

You don’t see the pain. 

You don’t see thought. 

It’s just one solid speck. Then nothing really matters. It just doesn’t.

Heath Ledger
i love this picture of heath and michelle at the feb 2007 independent spirit awards.
heath's birthday is on Sunday. he would be turning 31. that's so young. it's his third birthday since he died. it's such a shame.


Nina said...

its so sad...I miss him...what a beautiful quote, Im still trying to master a way to disconnect myself from fear itself!
One Love said...

great quote and pics... so true and sad that only the good die young

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