Tuesday, August 31

i'm impossible to live with

Buckley brightens up even more when I ask him what he plans to do with his six-week vacation.

Man, it's like a school holiday! I'll do sweet FA. I'll go home to New York and paint my walls and pretend I live there. I'll wake up around 11, have my scrambled eggs and coffee, and make some toast. And either I'll laze around for a few hours or write into the DAT Walkman. Or I'll clean the house. Usually when I clean the house I start at three in the morning and finish at seven. Totally backwards. I'm impossible to live with. Although I'm paranoid about the walls being so thin.

I'll write down all those things that have been bugging me for a while. I might take care of some business or read a few books. I'm reading Tropic Of Cancer right now. Any idea, anybody else's work, if it appeals to me and gives me enjoyment, that gives me inspiration. And I'll see some movies. On the bus there's very little time to read and the movies we have on board are horrible, stuff like Twins. Hardly inspiring material."

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Becca said...

Love this!
I love your whole blog
it just has something cool about it.


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