Monday, August 2

writing allows you to believe your thoughts exist

"We’re all fascinated by what it would be like to be someone else. It’s a seductive idea. We think that other people have an easier time of it."

“Being famous before you know who you are as a human being makes you feel like a phony.“

"I write to clear up in my own head what I’m thinking about. Writing allows you to believe your thoughts exist."

"I’ve got a lot of baggage now. I’m a famous actor, I’ve got two kids, and I’m becoming harder and harder to date"

"Hopefully, all this stuff I’ve been going through personally will translate into making me a better man. That’s all you can hope to get from any kind of suffering. The dream is that somehow you’ll come out of it stronger."

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Kirby said...

You really have the best posts, you always manage to find the most wonderful quotes to share. <3

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