Thursday, July 8

i got noone to run to but at least i got nobody i need to please

And i know i’d recognize your face 
Your memory keeps haunting me 
And i can’t forget what time won’t erase 
tim buckley

All that is dear to me and everyone I love are of the nature to change.
There is no way to escape being separated from them.
"Don’t say Goodbye like you’re burying him, because the world is round and he might return"
Regina Spektor

"oh, did i mention when i see you it stings like hell?"
the academy is

"misery is not attractive. if you want to be loved you have to be worth loving, that’s the first rule. and second- be the flame, not the moth."

"It is strange to think, I haven’t seen you since a month. I have seen the new moon, but not you. I have seen sunsets and sunrises, but nothing of your beautiful face. The pieces of my broken heart are so small that they could be passed through the eye of a needle."
A Knight’s Tale

"But I’d trade all of my tomorrows for just one yesterday / To be holding Bobby’s body next to mine."
Me & Bobby McGee

"I really don’t even know you and yet in my life you are forever entangled to my history inextricably bound”
Sarah Ockler

"And still the brain continues to yearn, continues to burn, foolishly, with desire. My old man’s brain is mocked by a body that still longs to stretch in the sun and form a beautiful shape in someone else’s gaze, to lie under a blue sky and dream of helpless, selfless love, to behold itself, illuminated, in the golden light of another’s eyes.”
Meg Rosoff What I Was

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