Sunday, July 11

it's really nice to have good friends that do what you do

"I like putting things together that are a little bit of this, a little bit of that. I would never wear my street clothes onstage. I do appreciate the fact that people have left their house to come to a show.”

I am a very emotional person. If I am feeling very strongly about something, I write a song about it.”

"I was always trying to prove that I could do everything that the boys could do. I had such an attitude. I had a tough-guy problem. I wanted to be bulletproof."

"I used to bleach my hair blonde [in my teens]. I was wearing some sort of hideous polyester light-blue pantsuit or something, and my friend said, 'Joan, you are channelling Angie Dickinson from Police Woman!' The other [show I loved] was Charlie's Angels. But that was always bikinis and fluffy hair curling. Angie was a different vibe."

"I'm a person who likes to put myself in uncomfortable positions, if I think I'm going to learn from them. Now I'm more comfortable feeling vulnerable. Before, I was so obsessed with being tough. I was bulletproof, which, if you ever act like that, you know it's the absolute opposite of how you feel.".'s really nice to have good friends that do what you do. The fact is, in New York City you can't really get away from it, it's like everyone's an artist – everyone! I've lived here for a long time and I have a group of friends that I really look forward to seeing. That's why I love living here, because of the people, I think that's true for most people.

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