Sunday, December 26

Pamela Costume!

  1. wig - Teresa Synthetic Wig by Sepia (shade 130 Bright Red Auburn)
  2. contacts- FreshLook ColorBlends, color: Gemstone Green 
  3. dress - : Backless, Draped Back Boat Neck Long Sleeve Mini Dress, color White
  4. shoes - Lucky Brand : Lesh Platform Sandal, color Nude
  5. necklace - Forever21 : Aztec Beaded Necklace, color Brown/Black
Here is my Pamela Courson costume! It was fun trying to recreate her look (even though I don't look anything like her!!) I found the dress through which doesn't exist anymore. I found the shoes on sale at the mall and the necklace at Forever 21. The hardest thing was trying to find a wig and hoping it would be the right color. And I ordered contacts that I didn't even end up wearing because they were so difficult! No one knew who I was Halloween night... One person said "Lindsay Lohan??" But oh well I had fun!


Kirby said...

I love it!You did a great job!

I was Edie Sedgwick one night for Halloween and because I was wearing a leotard someone asked me if I was Lady Gaga haha!!

Maxi said...

that made me smile.. ;) ..
you only needed a shop to buy a Jim Morrison lookalike

JessM said...

awesome! I've thought of being Jane Asher before because I have her hair... but dang I need a Paul Mccartney for it. haha

menia said...

Love it!!
Excellent costume, love the dress.
Lindsay Lohan???OMG!!!!

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