Thursday, December 23

“‎You only lose that which you cling to.”

“You take your life and make of it what you can. Open up your mind, stop thinkin’ ‘bout all of the things you will never show.” Silverchair

“I am still so naïve; I know pretty much what I like and dislike; but please, don’t ask me who I am. A passionate, fragmentary girl, maybe?”  Sylvia Plath

“She was like a forest, like the dark interlacing of the oakwood, humming inaudibly with myriad unfolding buds. Meanwhile the birds of desire were asleep in the vast interlaced intricacy of her body.” D. H. Lawrence

“You can be very wild and still be very wise.”  Yoko Ono

“Self awakening enables you to see the human scene as it is, not as it appears to be, which frees you of its chaos.”   Vernon Howard

"And I tried to be a girl who likes to be used, I’m too good for that! There’s a mind under this hat.”  Laura Marling

“Your state of mind’s improved, but we’re still apart.” Silverchair

"another time or place, another civilization
would really make this life feel so complete"  Neil Young

“Well, I’m not the same person I was yesterday, so how could you know me? How could I know you? I’m trying still to figure out who I was ten years ago.”   Ethan Hawke

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Dani said...

Such an inspiring mix of photos. I especially love that shot of Brigitte! She's stunning.

Thanks for sharing!


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