Friday, September 9

Jeff Buckley Goodbye and Hello Documentary

"Jeff's voice made you want to build shrines and I realize now that Jeff Buckley was a shrine to his voice." Robert Gordon

"Jeff was such a hilarious comedian, an amazing mimic. One of the things that might get lost, with people who only knew him through his records was his sense of humor. In concert some of his more indulgent solo performances before he went on tour with the band, were just you know comedy acts almost. He was that on and always just an incredible wit. Just a funny guy and pick up anything, do like " Teen Spirit" or whatever the pop hit of the day was" Nicholas Hill

"I met Jeff a few times I guess, I think before I really felt like I met him. He was really capable of connecting like when he was present he was really present so he made you feel like you had known him for 150 years and that you were the most important person in his world at that time. He had just a phenomenal gift that way." Jack Mc Keever

"I think those two years on the road changed him alot... he was less of a clown, and more in need of a rest" Merri Cyr

"I just looked at him as a person, not as sort of that iconographic mythologic beastI didn't like the mythological person so well, because it was so much at the expense of the person" Merri Cyr

"I can remember hearing from people that on certain days that he was feeling bad, I would ring him up and leave him a message, and he'd ring back to say thanks, but if he was in that place, he'd acknowledge that you reached out and was very appreciative but at the same time you know, didn't settle well(?)" Jack Mc Keever

"It's very rare to meet someone who is so, so ready to be so honest, so unpretentious, so unwilling to lie about anything even if it protects them. that you that when Jeff was with you and ooking in your eyes there was noone more important to him than you at that moment. and that when he said he loved you, that was the strongest and truest love that could be loved, and that doesn't happen in this world you know, that doesn't happen." Mary Guibert

"He wanted to be so there, so on, so giving 24 hours a day. He really lived at a really intense pace." Ellen Cavolina

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