Wednesday, January 27

reality vs....imaginary

I think i have acute delusionism. i don't know if such a thing exists. but i have it.
it's so easy for me to take a fact or an observation and think about it, then all of a sudden i have  the whole history of it made up in my head and i believe it. i forget that things exist outside of my imagination. and when the reality is made clear to me it hits me like tornado and i get confused and probably more upset than any sane person would. 
sometimes i think it's okay though, to be a little weird. lots of great people who have created many great thing were a little weird. after watching Little Ashes, (with robert pattinson as salvador dali) i knew that dali was a little crazy, but was an amazing artist. i just wish i actually put that energy to something tangible instead of just living a life where i can't tell reality from dreams.
i've been listening to Audioslave, which i think is kinda funny because they're not the type of band i normally listen to. its the cd that came out when i was in middle school. the one with "Like a Stone" and i remember being in gym class in the 7th grade and we had a TV and it played music videos and this came on everyday. but when i listen to it now, its completely different song. funny how with time, the same thing can be so different.
there's this lyrics from track 8 "i am not you're rolling wheels/i am the highway/i am not your carpet ride/ i am the sky".  i really like it.

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