Thursday, January 28

waiting for the waves to carry us away

September by Nathan Moomaw

splashing in
tiny turtles digging in the sand.
waiting for awhile to splash our face,
waiting for the waves to carry us away. 

if you were a color you'd be amber.
if you were a liquor you'd be red wine.
if you were a heartbeat you'd beat quicker.
if you were a lover, you'd be mine.

like a bump in the road,
that shakes my tambourine
to the rhythm of the song on the radio.
sleepy creature of mine,
lapping up the last licks of sunshine
drowsy dreamer drop your eyes,
drift from daylight with my time.

i can't even find any pictures to put with this song, it's so beautiful.


Lovely Leti said...

True! Nice words! Inspiration right there! Thanks, darling! Peace!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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