Sunday, May 2

I have no concern for the fear of music

Steve Harris: Actually it now occurs to me that the one negative thing that I read about you was a review of a concert, it said up to the end it was magnificent, then you did the long version of Kanga Roo then it sort of  turned off that particular viewer--
Jeff Buckley: --Which uh, was it the London was it with the--
Steve Harris: I think it was the New Music Express
Jeff Buckley: Can I say something? This is not bragging; every fucking person that was in front of me at the beginning of the show that I saw - and I'm aware of my audience - was still there, and we, the place was silent while we were playing Kanga Roo.
He just got impatient. He just doesn't care. That's cool. Or he thinks that songs should be longer than you know three minutes. Or I don't know maybe he just plain thought it was bad but that was one of the best Kanga Roos we ever played.
Oh, it was the first time it ever happened like that.
But that's okay, some people think that, you know, Patti Smith is a fake. Some people thought James Dean was a fake. Who knows? It's art. But we had a good time. We played some really stinky Kanga Roos though. Some of those've been 12 minutes. It's hit or miss, and thats well, that's the whole point you know. It could happen, it could not. We don't know what's going to go on, that's the thing with that song, we don't know what's going to happen ahead of time. We don't plan that shit out. It's pure interaction; I'm leading it and maybe there might be some text that I make up or text that I've mast over a few days or maybe I sing it all, and it's mostly, it's suppose to be Matty propelling the rhythm with the drums but uh lots of reviewers are you know waiting for this "perfect show". But that's because they've got their own expectations all over it. And I have no concern for that, or I have no concern for the fear of music.
this interview from 1994 is amazing.

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