Sunday, May 2

i am exactly what i am when you talk to me

people need a friendly surface regardless of what lies underneath, and i just can't cater to that. i can't, you know. i am exactly what i am when you talk to me, maybe not when you see me because looks can be deceiving. and it depend on what you need from me. lots of people need me in the public maybe to be introverted and just need me to be the kind of hero that they need, or the kind of villain that they need to see, but i'm none of that, or maybe i'm all of that. but you'll never know until you taste it for yourself, until you meet me, you know, i'm fine, we could talk on and on about lots of things you know
(part 2 of 1995 interview)

I just found two interviews jeff did with steve harris for a japanese magazine. one is from 1994, and the other from 1995.
the second one is kind of bad quality, but i'm listening to catch every word. i've been searching for interviews and pictures of jeff for a long time, and i love how new things still surface. like these three pictures. which i LOVE. these interviews... man, i wish i was as eloquent as he was. the way he saw the world, the way he lived, his thoughts, his words all just make me want to learn more, and experience more things and go to different places and meet new people, and create create create, to express, to read, to write... and i haven't even gotten to his music, which is other worldly. people always glorify and sanctify people once they're gone, but really, i think he was/is the most amazing and inspiring artist and person, that i've been exposed to. i love listening to him talk in these interviews, i dream of being able to have a conversation with him... man i sound obsessed.. and maybe i am.  but just listen for yourself. 


Anonymous said...

what a hero...i am so inspired right now, i am going on a writting binge...thanks for the amazing post!

Crowally said...

I think you can find a full written version of the 1994 interview at

Check it out, it's an interesting site...

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