Tuesday, May 11

you can't be twenty on sugar mountain

sooo today's my 20th birthday. every year my sisters make me a cake. this year i'm requesting the dark side of the moon tie-dyed insides cake i saw on tumblr. haha.
i can't believe i'm in my twenties now. i don't feel that old. 
last year i listened to steely dan's hey nineteen. i guess today it will be neil young's sugar mountain--- a "lament for youth"... and realizing you aren't a kid anymore.. soon to be over the hill.





Max Moscardi said...

Ok 1st of all.. happy birthday
2nd.. you are still very young... so enjoy it !!!
3rd.. what can be cooler than a "Dark Side Of The Moon" cake ??!! really !

Nina said...

love this cake!!! just yetserday I got tickets for Roger Waters :)Happy birthday, I hope its magical!! xxx


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