Saturday, June 5

dream brother, the lives of the muses, science of being and art of living, and more

Whatever city I'm in I make it a point to visit a bookstore, a used bookstore. In the particular city I find myself right now, there's a specific Half-Priced Books store, that never ceases to surprise me with a gem.

Yesterday I found, not one, but TWO Jeff Buckley Books. Dream Brother, which I have been DIEING to read, and Merri Cyrs book, A Wished For Song, which is even more amazing than I thought.

I also found a book on Transcendental Meditation, which is something I have been wanting to learn more about considering The Beatles (and Donovan, and Pattie Boyd, of course) experiences in India, as well as lots of other of my favorite musicians, like some of The Doors.

 Then there's the drug book. I'm pretty excited about this one...

 And finally a book on nine women who were muses to some of the greatest artists. Including Lou Andreas-Salome who inspired Friedrich Nietzsche, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Sigmund Freud, Gala Dali for Salvador Dali and of course Yoko Ono for John Lennon.

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Kirby said...

Wow! you had amazing luck! Those books sound incredible, I've also been wanting to read Dream Brother!

In response to your comment--I actually took the picture on my camera and then used the poladroid app on my computer to turn it into a polaroid!

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