Wednesday, October 27

It was the kind of love you can only feel toward someone you don’t actually know. - chuck klosterman

i still can’t comprehend that a soul with so much passion, energy and influence, could be taken away so abruptly.
i’ve never lost someone close to me before, so the concept of death is something i never really concerned myself with growing up. other people i know, who have had parents or siblings die at a young age have such a better understanding, and perspective on life and what matters. sometimes i’ve envied them for it.
knowing jeff buckley isn’t alive to create, and speak and live almost makes me feel guilty because i’ve never contributed to or inspired anyone.
with jeff buckley… his music is like his soul communicating directly to you. and souls don’t die and i think that’s why his music is so effective and why so many people feel an individual connection to him.


JessM said...

His music is beautiful, but is it horrible that I've got a crush on him because he looks a little like James Franco?

Kirby said...

I agree Jeff's music is so full of soul and passion. At times I find it hard to listen to.

You have definitely inspired me many times and I'm sure you have inspired other people who know you in real life and those who read your blog.

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