Wednesday, October 20

Wipin' out the traces of the people and the places that I've been

            After finding some Kris Kristofferson records (The Silver Tongued Devil & I   and    Who's To Bless And Who's To Blame) at Leo's in Columbia, MO, my love for Kris Kristofferson has been lit again. I watched Cisco Pike (1972) for the first time last weekend. It's a great little film about Cisco, a guy who used to be a successful musician, then started dealing pot, got in some trouble, then stopped.... then gets forced back into it by a narc...and that is where the real story starts. The soundtrack is by Kristofferson. Karen Black is beautiful. I love their Venice home. I love the early 70's fashions; big fluffy coats, bell bottoms, crazy prints, afros, long shaggy hair.
            If you like Easy Rider, Two Lane Blacktop, Midnight Cowboy, Drugstore Cowboy or.... you get the picture... you should watch it!

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