Monday, August 22

"I want to meet her"

Jeff encountered an even more intriguing personality during rehearsals at St. Ann's on April 24th. Trolling around backstage, he caught sight of a delicate-looking woman with pearly skin, an impish smile, and straight, shoulder-length black hair cut in Caesar-like bangs, who was setting up a buffet for the musicians. "I want to meet her," he said to Feldman, making a beeline for her.
Rebecca Moore looked over and saw an exceedingly thin kid, his face hidden by a waterfall of hair, making a miniature mountain of a sandwich and singing "If I Had a Hammer" with dirty lyrics. She had no idea what to make of him, but he certainly seemed, well, unusual.

excerpt from David Browne's Dream Brother: The Lives and Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley

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