Friday, August 5

wardrobe & litas

after bleaching my hair, i've had to spend lots of money each month to keep being a blonde.. that means i'm over due for some shopping. most of the clothes i have managed to buy are black because of work. black, dress or skirt, and heels. i'm pretty sure i own more black outfits than a funeral director. i want color! it's time for a wardrobe cleanse and investing in some nice pieces. i'm still longing for a really nice pair of bellbottoms. and drapey dresses. with lots of patterns and different textures.
i think my next purchase will finally be ........LITAs!! i'm so behind but finally i will own them.
i thought about getting a more classic kind, but in the end i know these cosmic ones best match my personality. i can't wait to walk around in them. i wish i lived in a bigger city where it was a little more socially excepted to be unique haha. i think ill get a lot of looks with these~

if anyone has ideas of how i should wear them... please help me~!

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