Saturday, October 23

pamela courson

i love this one

"The rest of the guys usually had their wives along, but we all dreaded Pamela attempting to show up. Fingernails on the blackboard. When she was around, Jim was NOT a person to be liked. She drove the guy up the wall and consequently the rest of us as well. ‘Needful high maintenance’ could be inserted here." -tony funches, jim's bodygaurd

Clearly Pam wasn't his be-all, end-all although he did leave everything to her. Was it because he felt responsible for her?

Payoff for her self imposed misery. Besides, he didn't really feel close to any other living human being, and she passed for whatever closeness his kind of loner could connect with. Pam was a ‘known quantity’ and he knew she really cared for Jimbo, the person. As much as his genius/intellect could fathom that recognition, he liked her. But people like Jim are not social beings; they are apart for lack of peers, with peers making available commonality of salient discourse. Diogenes felt the same way. --tony funches, jim's bodygaurd

I didn’t know he had a house on Kings Road. Is this the bungalow he bought for Pam Courson, his girlfriend in Topanga Canyon?

No, he stashed Pam there to get her out of his hair, I think. But even with that she still had his financial backing for a little boutique located, you guessed it, 100 feet from The Doors office. -tony funches

quotes from the doors magazines interview with jim's bodygaurd. the whole interview is pretty amazing for any Doors fan.
these quotes aren't really in pam's favor, but i thought it was interesting... i think she's so beautiful and i love her red hair. and style. i would have loved to go to her boutique!
i'll be posting more about jim's loves.... like his supposed true soul mate mary werbelow..


Enchanted Gardens said...
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Enchanted Gardens said...

sorry, didn't want to do that. i found that picture somewhere, but can't remember where...i'm bad at sources.
you are inspiring as always :)

Lovely Leti said...

AMAZING POST, DOLL! It´s hard to find pics of Pam on the net. I truly LOVE this couple. They were meant for each other and looked so cute together. Pam and Jim had a stormy relationship but i believe she was THE woman for him. She was so different to the other rock star´s wives. She lived FOR Jim. Period. Lovely post and couple, darling! Peace!

Dolly Rocker Girl said...

Pamela was truly such a gorgeous woman. Fantastic post too - so many photos I've never seen before. I agree with Leti, it's really hard to find photos of her on the web, but this collection is fabulous xxo

Saturday Stevens said...

I ADORE that bob she had! I've never seen it (or most of these pics) until now.

Miller69 said...

Don't tell me, this will have to be approved comment by the same fan club mentioned that is apparently run under queen, lower case on purpose, Patricia. How ugly and lowdown can a person be. Apparently, as low as the whole world knows, honestly.

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