Tuesday, January 11

Just the memory of laughter and the living out of lies

saturday night, my dream of 4 years came true
sunday night, the dream was over and i got my heart crushed.
monday was the first day of the semester and i was completely numb.
tuesday, someone in my family died.

It has been an overwhelming, confusing, and painful past few days.
It's the kind of time when songs you already know by heart, mean something compeletly new to you.
One song that I was introduced to about a month ago has been on repeat... I feel so pathetic, but that's what I do... I feel emotions a little too deeply and wallow in them. But hopefully it will make me wiser when I'm through it.

I also found a picture of me and my dad about 10 years ago. I think it's my favorite one of us. My aunt took it at La Fogata in San Antonio.


honeyboney said...

oh god, i´m so sorry, my heart goes out to you.
i don´t pray, but i will have you in my thoughts. i know we´re in weird bloggerland and never saw more of eachother than typed words from across the world, still i hope it makes you feel a tiny, tiny bit better, knowing that somewhere somebody is sorry and thinking of you, trying to imagine your pain.
be strong! lot of love

Maxi said...

a virtual hug from Spain !

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