Thursday, December 10

serve people

we got things that are happening, man, that are actually putting us in a state of mind of accepting things, like TV from the very beginning and also public schools has been the great lobotomizer all along. i mean you sit in and watch a TV and its hypnosis. it works on some sort of eye strain and all sorts of multi images and everything like that and you sit there and look at it, it doesn't matter what you're looking at, its just hypnotizing you, and it's just anything that can be put in a lot of peoples homes is made for bread. now you got people who are hip enough  inside in the inner world knowing that everything in the outer world is not the world: cars, your suit, how much perfume you wear-- that's not the world. what's the world is what's inside and what cats have lived to pull out of themselves all through time.

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